I decided to set up a new blog. Quite old fashioned in its media specs but I like it that way. So from now on, I will publish stuff that I think and write en stuff from others. Stuff that interests me. Obviously, the main theme of this blog deals with the impact that new media technologies have on society.

Over the last couple of years, I have tried to reinvent myself from advertising man to New Media and Digital Culture thinker and I hope that this blog can be a public reflection of what concerns me. And I hope that you will participate in the contents.

So, let me get started.


PS.: You may want to check out my old blog here. It gives an impression of previous steps in my mind-modeling.

Published by

Kees Winkel

I am Kees Winkel (20-10-1958). I live in Amsterdam and work in Utrecht, Netherlands. I graduated as a primary school teacher in 1979 but never got to the job. Later I studied commercial Communication (1984) and started my marketing communication career in the early eighties as a copywriter. Soon I took interest in the psychological aspects of communication and specialized as brand strategist with advertising agencies. In 2000, I moved to Finland where I worked as Sr. brand strategist with Satama Interactive, mainly consulting companies on digital and mobile marketing, branding and customer care. In 2005, I returned to the Netherlands and have ever since lectured and done research on Crossmedia at the University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Communication, The Netherlands. In 2007, I published 'Vision, Mission, Compassion', a book on communicative strategy. Currently (end 2017) I’m writing my master thesis new media and digital culture at the University Utrecht.

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